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About Gracefully Green

Gracefully Green, LLC provides landscape consulting and design services in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, specializing in sustainability.

Our Mission

The mission of Gracefully Green, LLC is to provide guidance and expertise on transforming sites to sustainability, combining functionality with beauty, so that the end result is truly “gracefully green.”

About Toni Bailey

I’m Toni Bailey, owner of Gracefully Green, LLC. I’ve been working in the landscape profession since 2002, and formed Gracefully Green in 2008, when I knew that I wanted to focus specifically on landscape sustainability. I believe a skilled landscape professional should be grounded in education and experience, so I’ve pursued the training and certifications that are substantial, thorough, and up to date with the rapidly moving world of landscape sustainability. My experience is diverse, and has been directed towards activities that informed and supplemented my professional priorities. Often, this has meant designing and installing conservation gardens, but at times it has involved investigating woodlands, climbing under plants that need a good pruning, and following the runoff from drainage channels to streams. The downside is wet feet, muddy boots, and insect bites, but it’s always interesting. In addition, I contribute my time towards volunteer projects, such as assisting my neighborhood on invasive species management, and I am a member of the Sustainability Committee of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, after serving as Chair for four years. I am proud and honored to have received APLD’s award for Leadership in Landscape Sustainability for 2017.

I’m fortunate to be able to do the work that I love, and among the things I love about it is that it brings me to like-minded people and new things to learn. I have the chance to make a difference, so I’ll take it. There is always so much more to learn, and so much more to do.

Join me in building more resilient environments, powered by our landscapes.


  • Master of Professional Studies in Landscape Design, College of Professional Studies, The George Washington University
  • Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Landscapes, College of Professional Studies, The George Washington University

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