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Landscape Audits

A Landscape Audit is a site assessment that gives you the information you need to transition to a sustainable landscape. It includes detailed inventory and analysis of the landscape surrounding your home and provides guidance on the hows and whys of creating sustainability on your site.

A Landscape Audit will be particularly useful if you are:

  • Planning construction
  • Planning landscape renovations
  • Considering applying for Arlington Green Home Choice, Rainscapes Rewards, Rockville Rainscapes, or River Smart Homes grants
  • Converting your landscaping from an unsustainable space to a sustainable landscape
  • Practicing integrated design
  • An architect or landscape designer working with clients who are interested in sustainability
  • Ready to go green inside and out

The critical pieces of information we provide include:

  • soil tests
  • invasive plant identification and recommendations for removal
  • critical root zones of significant trees
  • biomass density indexing
  • stormwater runoff volume calculations
  • illustrative maps

Our comprehensive audit includes these items and prepares you to fully address all aspects and requirements of sustainable landscaping.

If you do not need a comprehensive audit, and instead are looking to focus on specific aspects of your current landscaping, consider the following targeted audits:

Targeted Audits — choose one or a combination:

  • Context Audit
    Analyzes your property in the context of the ecology of the region, wildlife corridors, green space, environmental stresses, climate.
  • Soils Audit
    Analyzes the chemical and structural makeup of your soils, with the help of soil tests, highlighting any problem areas and guiding planting decisions.
  • Vegetation Audit
    Inventories the vegetation on your site, noting any native plant communities, critical root zones of significant trees, biomass density, tree canopy and tree benefits. Also identifies invasive plants and provides guidance on removal.
  • Hydrology Audit
    Pinpoints the watershed address of your property, notes drainage patterns as well as any drainage issues, analyzes pervious and impervious surfaces with runoff calculations in gallons, suggests stormwater management strategies.

The Landscape Audit is a valuable tool for anyone ready for the next step in sustainability. For more information, or to schedule an audit, contact us.

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